10 Classic Books Every Nursery Needs That Will Last Through Childhood

10 Books Every Nursery Needs

Trends come and go. But some books are so good, they stick around for decades. Now that my children are almost 6 and 3, I feel as if I finally have some real advise to impart. There are some books that both kids just loved. These books have stood the test of time and clean outs, making their way from room to room. Sticking in the favorites pile no matter the age. 

Reading with my kids is one of my favorite times with them. They’re calm. They’re cuddly. They listen. They’re learning. And we’re making memories. We always reserve the last part of the night in bed for reading. Our other favorite time to read is during their breakfast. They LOVE to be read to at meal times, especially our favorite devotional book listed below. 

The beautiful thing about a good children’s book is that they love it as an infant, “read” memorized it themselves as a toddler and can eventually really read it as a young child. These books are all like that: worth their weight in gold because they will eventually literally leave your home torn to shreds. (Some I’ve already had to replace.)

Here’s the thing, we are a huge fan of library books. The girls like change. So to be honest, I stopped purchasing books a while back. But we always circle back to the favorites. Because they’re favorites. And they will have a place in all of our hearts for years to come. 

10 Classic Books Every Nursery Needs

The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers

This is my all time favorite book. Not because it is so profoundly good, but because it has consistently brought about conversations about God, Jesus and what really matters in life. It’s also sparked us to memorize bible verses and invite Jesus into our morning routine. Throughout seasons in our life, we have always read this during breakfast time and it is the perfect, easy to read book to set the intention for the day. 

Pat The Bunny

This gem of a book was a gift when my first was born. To be honest, I thought it wouldn’t be much of anything, as it is a really old book. But let me tell you, it was the most popular book from the ages of 6 months to 3 years of age. It still continues to be fun when pulled out. The book gives directions, such as smell the flowers and pat the bunny, so it is a very interactive book. It keeps even the littlest one highly engaged. The highest recommendation comes from this family right here.  

Time For Bed

I love this book. It’s extremely simple but both girls loved the illustrations so much it turned into a nighttime favorite. Each page has a “momma” or “dadda” and a “baby” so pointing out the baby and the parent prompts interaction. It is such a sweet and simple book. 

My Goodnight Book

This book… This book was mine when I was a little girl. My mom kept it and now my girls have adopted the book. The look on their faces when they study the pages is priceless. Nostalgia floods in, seeing the illustrations in this one. It’s really about the pictures, as opposed to the story. 

Note: this book is only available in a used format, as new copies seem to be discontinued, due to the age.

Counting Kisses

I’m seeing a fun pattern as I sit here and compose this post: we LOVE interactive books! If you haven’t had the opportunity to read this one, it’s a cute counting book that makes any little one smile.  

Goodnight Moon

A classic indeed. What list wouldn’t include this one?! Again, it’s a wonderful opportunity for interaction. We love to use it as a search and find book. And a fun reason to “shhhh” and wisper “hush”. 

Cookie Countdown

This is a fun, random find gem of a book that was a hit with my first. It was so hard to get her to sit down and read, so it was such a breath of fresh air when she took to this one. I can literally recite this entire thing, it’s so catchy and fun. Plus it incorporates math at a very young age. 

All Better

How many times have I given this book as a gift? SO many. It’s just perfect. There are reusable “band aids” that you place on each animals ouchie. Kids young and old LOVE this book. It’s just a winner.

Goodnight, I Love You

Sweet and simple, this is a great quick read that covers the basics of bedtime routines. It’s also a wonderful first reader book.  

Snuggle Puppy

If you’ve yet to read a Boynton book, you’re in for a treat. I have so many favorites, but this was our first favorite, so it made the list. All her books prompt the reader to “sing” the book, so its a fun one. Snuggle Puppy, everything about you is especially fine.


I hope you’ve had fun reading out top 10 books!!

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