2016 Unique Gift Guide For Health Nuts

The best gifts are thoughtful, well planned out and are best based on someone’s unique likes, hobbies and enjoyments. That’s why a gift guide is the perfect way to shop! Choosing the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas or graduations can often be stressful. Let’s face it, no one wants to be known as a mediocre gift giver. If you’re spending money, make it worth your while! Let me do the leg work for you. After all, I do enjoy it! So, if you’re shopping for a health nut, such as I, you’ll appreciate this unique gift guide to lead you to the “perfect gift”.

Gift Guide For Health Nuts

New & Unique Food Items

A gift basket filled with some new, unique and healthy food items is sure to please. Add a fun water bottle or coffee mug, some kitchen towels (or gym towel) and you’ve got a great gift.

  • Buff Bake Flavored Almond Butter 
    Snickerdoodle! Red Velvet! Cookie Batter! Sounds amazing, but likely not healthy, right? Wrong! Buff Bake makes very healthy and very tasty, low sugar almond butter in tantalizing flavors. Yes please.
  • Grass-fed Protein Powder
    Why? Pasture-raised beef and it’s milk has a more desirable saturated fatty acid lipid profile and is higher in omega-3s, resulting in a healthier ratio of omega-6:omega-3. (1) (2) This protein powder is a staple in my kitchen; it’s one of the few items I subscribe to. After sampling many plant-based powders and other diary-based powders, I finally found our favorite. It’s minimal ingredient list is a major plus. It is slightly sweet with a natural vanilla flavor. Plus, it doesn’t foam after throwing it into the blender.  
  • Boku Superfood
    Boku has NO added vitamins or minerals, which I love. It’s nutrient dense, real food, dehydrated and ground into a powder. It has real antioxidants, real cancer-fighters, real deep colors, real components from real food that have real health benefits. Plus, they can make my favorite Almond Boku Superfood Bites recipe!
  • Raw Honey
    Why? “Raw honey possesses nootropic effects, such as memory-enhancing effects, as well as neuropharmacological activities, such as anxiolytic, antinociceptive, anticonvulsant, and antidepressant activities.” Whaaaat? In layman’s terms, it is a food that actually has therapeutic benefits that act at a molecular level (it’s like a medicine) that can act as a very strong antioxidant combating a ton of chronic diseases.


Kitchen Gadgets

Most health nuts are a nut about making their own food. After all, you can control exactly what is in the food you eat. So a kitchen gadget is always a fool-proof gift.

  • Spiralizer Vegetable Spiral Slicer
    If low-carb is their thing, this lil’ gadget is a necessity! Carb lovers alike absolutely love this easy-to-use gadget. Beautiful ribbons of vegetables are created, resulting in amazing and healthy side and main dishes. 
  • Glass Water Bottle
    Find alternatives to plastic in any way possible. In my opinion, plastic is one of the worst things on this planet. This awful substance poses severe negative environmental and human health effects. The scary thing is that there is no getting away from it! If you dare, read more here. A glass water bottle, what’s a better gift?  

  • Tofu Press
    Vegetarians in the house? Love tofu? The only way to make amazing tofu is to brown it. And the only way to brown tofu well is to leech all the liquid out. Voila! Tofu press.


Home Gadgets

Who doesn’t love an awesome home gadget. Nuff said.

  • Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser
    Trendy? Yes. Worth trying? Heck yes! Let me tell you why I love essential oils and their diffusers. If you haven’t heard, “fragrance” that isn’t natural, is harmful. The only way to safely perfume your home is to use essential oils. Read more here. Secondly, the diffusers act as a humidifier. So, it’s a necessity to have one when you or a family member is ill. But most importantly, the humidifier I have running nightly aside my bed is the only thing that has cured my chronically dry hands. Currently, I have a diffuser in each bedroom and one for the downstairs. 

Favorite OilsPeaceful Sleep Oil Blend
A relaxing warm, floral citrus aroma

Cheer Up Buttercup Uplifting Blend
A bright, light citrus aroma 

Clean the Air Purifying Blend
A sweet minty fresh aroma 


Life Changing Books

Anyone remotely interested in health will love these life changing books!


Personal Care

Health goes far past diet and exercise. Any health nut will appreciate natural, low chemical body products. 

  • Andalou Natural Skincare Anyone will love these natural ingredient lists with powerful anti-aging and cell renewal properties. A gift basket filled with anything from this brand is a winner. Start with a body lotion (the scents are to die for) Vanilla Mandarin and Citrus Verbena are two of my favorites. Lip Therapy
    will quickly become a favorite. The body wash will also become a new must have. Citrus Verbena really combats against tough body odor. All wrapped up in a basket makes big smiles. 

  •  Priti NYC Nail Polish
    This brand is free of toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and camphor, xylene and parabens. Those looking to still enjoy beauty while limiting toxic chemicals will appreciate that! It’s still a luxury polish that glosses and resists chipping, so there’s nothing to loose, except the harmful ingredients! 

  • Pogamat Large Exercise Mat
    So many people are working out at home these days. Who wouldn’t? With some great videos, a whole body workout is quickly attainable. But not many have the room for an in home gym. It’s usually the TV room that becomes the workout room. That means sweat on the carpet and slipping galore. The best way to transform your TV room into a temporary gym is a large exercise mat. Just roll it up when done. 


Hopefully, some of these ideas have inspired you to become a better gift giver! And if you’re still in a quandary of what to get, that sweet gift.com has a lot of good ideas too!

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Disclosure: Any links to outside products are affiliate links and I may be marginally compensated if purchased. Don’t worry though, I’d never promote something I dislike or wouldn’t purchase myself.

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