40 Ways to Say I Love You

I sit on an airplane, alone.

When was the last time I was solitary?

Definitely before children. And actually, I don’t think I was really even alone since before I got married, so we’re talking near 10 years ago! What in the world?

Anyhow, as I sit here, looking at the incredible sky that God has painted, I am in awe of the space around myself. Usually, I cannot feel this energy, as I am either tending to children or my husband. When I’m with them, I have this constant need to chat. But here in the still, I don’t feel the urge, need, or even opportunity to speak to anyone. It’s incredibly freeing.

So, as I sit in the peaceful solitude, looking out on God’s magnificent masterpiece of a sunset, I am urged to write this.

40 ways to say i love you

The Year’s Focus

Last year (2020) before the shitshow happened, I made a decision to focus on my parenting, as my daughter was getting to an age where I was unaware of how to maneuver.

This year (2021), I am compelled to revisit what made our family a family: my relationship with my husband. I’ve let it slip into the category of “there”. (Sad, I know.) I am married. He is there. He is always there. I suppose I have been taking him and us for granted. The lack of perusal though, has hit me. So, this year’s focus is going to be on him.

It’s difficult placing the focus on your relationship and husband when there are little ones around. They actually “need” you. They often drain you. They may suck you dry of most emotions, energy, time and well, every resource you have! So sad for the husbands because they don’t “need” you like they do. But still, they do need us and our nurturing.

Love By Building Each Other Up

So, now’s the time. Now is the time to build up each other once again and give your relationship what it has been lacking: true effort wrapped with emotional support.

This is where I am! And I know some of you are in the same boat, will be in this boat soon, or have let this ship sail without fostering him adequately. And that’s okay. Because now is always the right time to start building him up again.

So, as I re-read one of my fave devotions, Wife After God, I am compelled to compose the following list of ways to build up my husband without using the words, “I love you”. Why? Because we say it every night and sadly, it has begun to lose its spark.

My goal is to attempt to love him (and therefore us) by utilizing this list daily for 40 days.

I hope it is a resource an inspiration to let your husband know just how much you do cherish him.

40 ways to say I love you

40 Ways To Say I Love You Without Saying,
“I Love You”

  1. I believe in you.
  2. You’re my best friend.
  3. I trust you.
  4. I rely on you.
  5. You make me happy.
  6. I choose you.
  7. Thank you.
  8. I need you.
  9. I’d be lost without you.
  10. You are my favorite person.
  11. How can I help you?
  12. I desire you.
  13. What do you need from me?
  14. God blessed me so much with you.
  15. You’re the cracker to my cheese. (lol! I just had to include this one!)
  16. I respect you.
  17. I promise to protect us.
  18. How can I pray for you?
  19. How can I help you?
  20. I admire you.
  21. I don’t want to live without you.
  22. God’s blessings on your day.
  23. You’re so handsome/beautiful.
  24. My favorite is us.
  25. You’re my sunshine.
  26. We are such a match.
  27. I long to be with you.
  28. We’re soul mates.
  29. I was made for you.
  30. I’m so happy with you.
  31. You understand me.
  32. I love sharing my life with you.
  33. You’re my angel.
  34. I like you.
  35. I can’t wait to grow old together.
  36. Let me love you.
  37. I’m sorry for ___.
  38. I would choose you again.
  39. You are the best.
  40. You are such a gift.

I hope this list has inspired you to build up your spouse! Acting in love can never be wrong.

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