6 Reasons You Need to Join Cyber Dust Now!

With so many social media platforms these days its hard to decide which ones to use, which ones will help your business grow, and which ones are not for you at all. Predicting the next big social media platform in a sea of wannabes is damn near impossible, however every once in a while a great idea comes along, one that is different than the rest. It’s these ideas that any good entrepreneur can spot immediately and you just know they are going to be big. Enter Cyber Dust, although its main target is to become an instant messaging app with no security risks associated with stored information, it is set up a lot like a social media app as well. You can add friends, people can follow you, you can send private dusts to one friend, or blasts which can go out to a specific list you have created or you can blast to all your friends. There is enough different about this social app, and with the backing of billionaire Mark Cuban, I know this will be the next big thing in the social world. So why should you join Cyber Dust, below are the 6 reasons you need to join Cyber Dust Now!


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6 Reasons You Need to Join Cyber Dust Now!


Claim Your Name

We all know the early bird gets the worm, and just like having a good domain for your website is important, you want to be able to claim the screen name associated with your brand or yourself before imitators, and competitors snag up all the good ones.


Being First in Line is Never a Bad Thing

How would you like to be the first in your industry to be onto the next big thing in the social scene? Think about how far ahead of your competitors you will be when this takes off full speed. Building anything takes time, its a matter of time till Cyber Dust is going to be huge so why wouldn’t you want to start building your audience and influence on Cyber Dust now.


Quality Over Quantity

In the world of social media, spammers target the biggest social platforms. Nothing is more annoying that being flooded with fake followers who load your inbox with spam. It is going to be a while before the spammers of the world turn to Cyber Dust so you can be assured that most of the content broadcast across this new platform will be quality information and less junk you do not care about.


Your Message Will be Heard

So many social media sites are flooded with updates. The average Twitter user follows 208 people, their feed is moving faster than most people can think. Cyber Dust is about conversations. A notification will pop up on your phone anytime you receive a new message or blast. It does not go away till it is read (or till 24 hours passes)


Cyber Dust is a Community

I have made connections with some amazing people on Cyber Dust from all walks of life. It feels different from anything else out there today in the from of communication or social media, that is because it is different. For me the community is about sharing ideas, engaging others, meeting new people to learn from and help you grow.


Privacy Privacy Privacy

Is there any reason we need every message we ever send to anyone stored anywhere for any length of time? Why does our social feed need to track every post, comment, photo, or like we have ever made? I wonder how many people have gone back and deleted a photo or comment that got them in trouble with a new person they are dating or in their careers? Well with Cyber Dust you do not have to worry about that, your dusts and blasts will never see a hard drive, they are stored in memory till you read them, after that they are gone 24 seconds later.


Aside from the 6 reasons above there is something fun about knowing that your dust or blast sent out can only be read once, I am sure many people will come up with creative dusts that everyone wishes they could see again. It demands your full attention. Are you going to just browse over something if you know this is your one and only chance to read it? So are you going to join Cyber Dust today? or will you be left in the dust?




To Join Cyber Dust start here – http://cyberdust.com

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