Hi, I’m Jessa, a proud wife, momma and Registered Dietitian. I believe life’s purpose is to learn and love. Each new opportunity I’ve had provided me a chance to study and acquire new knowledge and talents. You may have confidence that all articles I write are either evidence-based with noted references or experienced-based. I have been privileged to attain a Master’s degree in Nutritional Science from California State University Long Beach and am a credentialed Dietitian.

Before having my babies, I worked in the long-term care industry. That means I charted, a lot. I learned a ton about disease processes, medications, lab work, the unfortunate decline of life and most importantly how it all related to nutrition. I also became a food-safety expert, climbing the ladder in my nation-wide company in a few short years.

Food and nutrition is a passion of mine (it better be, right)?! I am a proficient self-taught cook and have found that it an innate talent of mine. Chris is always quick to remind me how appreciative he is of this fact! While I would have loved to further my culinary knowledge with more schooling, I decided against it because it just didn’t align with my other goals.

Me in a nutshell: I’m passionate about good nutrition through food, first. I’m into meatless meals and grass-fed beef if you must. Pork? Never…well, except the occasional bacon slice. The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals

 completely changed my view on food for good and I can never go back to being another ignorant American consumer. Unfortunately, after my second baby I’ve developed some sort of inflammatory joint pain that mimics rheumatoid arthritis. Due to this, I’ve learned more about autoimmune issues and food sensitivities that I ever dreamed. I love experimenting with natural skin and beauty products and having a clean home (which I swear I never have since I’ve got a baby and 2 dogs, one being a big basset hound). One minute you’ll see me in workout gear doing some heavy weightlifting then a dolled-up girly girl the next. My perfect day is spent in the sun near a body of water with family and friends.

Since having our first baby, I’ve taken some time off to focus attention on managing my new family and continuing my passion of teaching through writing. My hope is that you not only enjoy the articles and recipes you read, but that you will take away a tid-bit of knowledge you didn’t know before. 

At one time, Chris and I managed this blog together, but his schedule just won’t allow him to contribute consistently. After all, he’s out there being the best husband he can be to support his family. His articles are still here though, for your reading pleasure. 

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