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This is part 3 of 3 in the series “Take A Quantum Leap, Attain The Unattainable”

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This article is based on The Quantum Leap Strategy Handbook written by Price Pritchett, Ph.D.
As you continue down the road in taking your Quantum Leap, you will begin to feel more empowered. By now you will realize, that taking a Quantum Leap is not as hard as it first seemed. The results you are able to achieve, will far outweigh any efforts made in taking your Quantum Leap.


“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” – Hans Hofmann


Accomplish Everything – Take a Quantum Leap


Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

It is no secret that anytime you have achieved a great result, there was some pain or discomfort associated with the achievement. Think of even the smallest achievement, like acing a test back in high school. There was studying that went along with that A+, you more than likely gave up something you wanted to do at the time, in order to study. You were probably nervous on the day of the big test, but looking back now was it really that hard? Everyone looks at people who have made huge leaps and bounds in their life or achieved massive success, and wonder how they did it. The answer is that they have mastered the art of being uncomfortable. No one makes it to the top without struggling to learn what they have now mastered. If you are not uncomfortable, you are not growing. Know that being uncomfortable is a sure sign that great things are happening, right now!

“Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing”  Tyler Durden – Fight Club

Your journey in taking a Quantum Leap will be much like riding a roller coaster. It will have ups and downs, frills and chills, you will be scared at times, and love it other times. Just remember that you decided to get on the roller coaster, so enjoy the ride. It will not feel natural to take on new behaviors, as it’s our natural human instinct to want to feel okay. However, once you get in the routine of trying new behaviors, you will feel more and more comfortable with trying to push yourself further. Doing the same things you are doing now will not get you to the new you. So stop falling back into old routines. By this point you should have discovered your breakthrough, so now its time to put the pedal to the metal and push your limits. If you go to the gym for the first time in a while, do you expect it to be easy? You can almost guarantee that you will be extremely sore the next day, that’s the feeling of results happening. The same feeling you are seeking when taking your Quantum Leap. However if you work out long enough, the soreness will go away, the workout itself will be much easier. When this happens in the process of taking your Quantum Leap, its time to add more weight to the bar, try something new. If you constantly seek to be uncomfortable, you will look back and wonder why you didn’t start sooner.


Discover Your Talents

You may wonder what it takes to achieve a Quantum Leap, and if you have the necessary talents. Most of us wanting to make life changing achievements are held back by doubts and fears. As we learned earlier this is all “head trash”. If there is a skill required to get yourself to where you want to be, that you do not yet have, go out and master that skill. How? Buy the top four books on that skill, read them. After you have read them you will be ahead of 99% of the crowd after the same skill. Successful people were not born with magical talents, they learned them some way or the other in their life. Don’t make things more complicated than they have to be, use technology and the wealth of knowledge available today on the internet to master a new talent.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” ― Dr. Seuss

In order to take your Quantum Leap it may require that you take a step backwards in order to propel yourself forward. A caterpillar does not become a butterfly in flight, without first giving up its ability to crawl. Much like the caterpillar, you can not crawl fast enough to fly. You will first need to take a step back, give up what you are currently doing, discover your talents then take flight on your new path. The path to you to the tenth power.


Follow Your Heart

The purpose of taking a Quantum Leap is to become everything you want, so naturally this is about following your heart. Passion will fuel your Quantum Leap. If your heart is not in it, you are not chasing the right dream. If it’s only money you are chasing, I can guarantee you that you will never be fulfilled. Your mind will figure out what it takes, when your heart is leading the way.

“There is no passion to be found playing small–in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” –Nelson Mandela

Learn to follow your heart, no matter how far out of reach it may seem. If you are passionate enough about something, and focus on it daily, you will figure out a way to make it happen.

 “Jump, And Figure Out How To Fly On The Way Down” – Anonymous

You are already prepared to take a Quantum Leap, even though you may not know it. The best way to prepare yourself, is to stop preparing, and just start doing. Dr. William James American philosopher and Psychologist had a 3 rule system he came up with if you want to change your life:

1) Start immediately
2) Do it elaborately
3) No exceptions

James had a Quantum Leap figured out in the 1800’s with his 3 rule system. You don’t have to feel ready in order to be ready. If you start right now, and know what you are after, the rest will work itself out along the way. It may seem scary to commit to start, this is natural. However once you start your subconscious will take care of the fear for you. Fear of starting is only a problem, if you let it hold you back from starting. The easiest way to overcome any fears you have is to just do it. Trust me, trust in yourself, and jump in head first. You are ready to take a Quantum Leap, so go get it!


If you have come this far, congratulations! Take what you have learned and chase your dreams. Taking a Quantum Leap is something that you have to allow yourself to do. It’s time to create your own future. If you are still scratching your head, maybe start over from article 1. Now that you get the whole concept of taking a Quantum Leap, something may jump out to you when reading it again. I have read “The Quantum Leap Strategy Handbook” close to a dozen times in my life. Each time I read it, a new idea jumps out at me.

“Some people dream about success, others stay awake and make it happen, go make it happen!” – Anonymous

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