Christian Songs: Keys to Unlock a Broken Heart

When was the last time you listened to Christian music? A while ago? Never? If the first thing you think of is a semi tone deaf band leader singing on stage at your childhood church, you’re in for a big surprise. Christian songs aren’t what they used to be. To tell you the truth, a lot of them are actually better than secular music. And no, I’m not just saying that because of the positivity that it imparts. The actual quality of the music is awesome. 

Christian Songs to Transform your Life | In Wealth and Health
The Music Will Change Your Life

When I began listening to Christian music, it changed my life. All of a sudden, God was in the forefront of my brain most of the day. Positive thoughts and emotions flooded through me and through my relationships. And best of all, Chris loved it too. He started to listen to Air1 in the car at the time he was just starting his business. I swear, it’s what helped keep him positive through all the hard times. I recall him telling me how one song in particular touched his soul and made him breakdown. That was the Spirit working. 

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Take the Challenge

If you’re going through a difficult time in your life, this is for you. Let Christian music change your life. I promise it will. Whether you are suffering from a broken heart, have a heart full of anger and resentment or struggle with negative emotions and bad attitudes more often than you’d like, you need to consider making this very small but largely impactful change for the next 7 days.

Take the challenge: Exclusively listen to Christian music in the car and at home for 7 days and watch your thoughts, emotions and life transform.

How? Start by listening to some of the Christian songs listed below (some of my favorites) and listen to Christian radio. Air1 and KSGN are my two favorite radio stations. They are both available in many areas and have the ability to listen online from anywhere. 

If you accept this challenge, be prepared to be moved deeply. Rest assured, that feeling will be God flooding you with his love, hope and peace. 

Start making beautiful memories with beautiful music. 

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Christian Songs to Transform your Life | In Wealth and Health

Hawk Nelson

Hawk Nelson has a very special place in my heart. I purchased “Made” the first week I was home with my first baby. I listened to it daily – there is no bad song on the album. I will never be able to hear Hawk without the most amazing memories flooding back. 




This is Chris’ favorite album. It’s awesome. You’ll wish you would have discovered them earlier. 


Colton Dixon

Colton Dixon placed 7th on American Idol in season 11. A true hero for Christ, he sang for God for his last performance before he was sent home. This young man is a testament to who we all should be, daily. He chose to take a giant public leap of faith in front of millions of Americans at the tender age of 21. Choosing what song to display here was really tough, as this album is one of those where every song you want to put on repeat.


For King and Country

This entire album is AMAZING! These two Australian brothers, Joel and Luke, produce some fantastic music. Don’t be surprised if you hear them on secular stations; no one would know the difference.


Sidewalk Prophets

This song had such an impact on me that I was (and still am) considering making one of their lyrics a tattoo. “Your love is who I am.”


Tenth Avenue North

Tenth Avenue North is a group of 5 guys who are awesome at expressing raw emotion. Beautiful piano riffs and lyrics, this album won’t disappoint. The song below is one of my current favorites. It’s a great listen to get some alone time with God.


Jesus Culture

“Your love never fails, it never gives up. It never runs out on me.”


 Jason Gray

If you like country music, you’ll like this one. Who doesn’t love some acoustic guitar; get up and move!


 Matt Redman

Any song that has gorgeous piano riffs and talks about seeing Jesus again, my soul is moved every time. This will be one of my favorite songs forever. The album is full of remakes of songs you probably already know from your church praise, but better. 


 Lincoln Brewster

Just an awesome, uplifting song with a great beat. It’s worth your listen.


The Afters

“Broken Hallelujah” was inspired by wildfires in Colorado. They explain, “We opened the book of Job and saw a man who experienced more losses than we could ever fathom. In the midst of all that, he shaved his head and got rid of his clothes so that he had nothing left, and yet he still worshiped God.”

“And even though I don’t know what your plan is, I know you’ll make beauty from these ashes.”




Phil Wickham

There is no way you can stay in a bad mood after listening to this song. 


Chris Tomlin

A beautiful rendition and remake of the classic “Amazing Grace”. How could such a perfect song be done better? Amazing.


Mercy Me

I have no idea why I get so emotional when I think about meeting my maker, but I do. This song gets me every time. When I need to feel close to God, I listen to this one. It connects me to him like none else can.


I will continue to add favorite Christian songs to this post, so keep it bookmarked! If you are planning on taking the challenge, please let me know how it goes! I would absolutely love to hear your story. 

Disclosure: Any links to outside products are affiliate links and I may be marginally compensated if purchased. Don’t worry though, I’d never promote something I dislike or wouldn’t purchase myself. 

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