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Dietitians on the blog

Welcome to Dietitians on the Blog! We are a group of awesome dietitians who are making this world a healthier place by providing quality and credible content. Creating a community of support is what we are all about. Yes, we share one another’s articles, but we also answer questions, give opinions and council one another along the way. 

If you’re not already a member, be sure to join! Dietitians on the Blog.

This group is more about giving than getting. Of course you will significantly benefit, but the focus should be on helping others, for, “We only have what we give”. Spend the time to support others and you will be rewarded. Please don’t use this group as a place to dump your content and be gone. Everything whatsoever you desire that people should do for you, do likewise for them. 


Guidelines for Being a Quality Group Member

Dietitians on the blog

1st Things 1st, Get Organized

This first time set-up will help you save time and energy in the long-run; it’s worth it!

  1. To be added to the official “Dietitians on the Blog” twitter list, tweet the following: Hi @HappynHealthyRD please add me to #dietitiansontheblog
  2. Consider creating your own twitter list for close contacts made.
  3. Consider creating a BLOGLOVIN’ profile and add a group “Dietitians on the Blog”. It’s a great way to follow multiple blogs!
  4. Create a “Dietitians on the Blog” circle on Google+ if active.


How to Connect with Group Members 

  1. View their website and read a post or two plus their “About” section.
  2. Search for their website on BLOGLOVIN’, follow and add to created group.
  3. “Like” website page on Facebook.
  4. Follow on Twitter. Add to created group if desired and subscribe to public group Dietitians on the Blog.
  5. Follow on Pinterest.
  6. Follow on Instagram.
  7. Add to created circle on Google+.
  8. Connect using any other platform you fancy.
  9. Consider adding them as a personal friend on Facebook.


 Share & Interact 

  • Develop your sharing style:
    • Focus on a member a day and share on all platforms or
    • Focus on 1 platform and share members’ content.
    • Share on your personal platforms too, especially if you really enjoyed it.
  • Take the time to read at least 1 article from a member a day. You will feel more connected and will likely learn something! Plus when sharing, a personal blurb about it goes a long way.
  • Consider commenting on articles.
  • Rate recipes on occasion.
  • If you see a major error, politely and privately private message that person so they may fix it.


 Post Your Content

  1. There are prompt posts most weekdays where you can post your latest and greatest. If you post there, be sure to check back to share the minimum indicated in the directions.
  2. If you are new to the group, please introduce yourself and give your website url in your 1st post.
  3. Please only post 1 article per day as to not clog the feed (in addition to the post prompt).


In Conclusion

Please spread the word and invite any Registered Dietitian you know who authors a website. The larger this group is, the better for us all!

Just a side note, remember you can edit the notification settings on the group to your liking.

You may think you don’t have even a spare second in the day to dedicate to another’s cause, but consider it an investment in your future. I hope we can make lasting friendships here, congratulations to being an awesome RD.

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