How to get a free breast pump through insurance

The following, “How to Get a Free Breast Pump Through Insurance” is a sponsored post from Aeroflow Breastpumps.

It is so important to spread the word to everyone that getting a free breast pump is possible, and best of all, it’s a super simple process!

How to Do get a free breastpump through insurance

In 2013, the Affordable Care Act required insurance companies to cover the entire cost of a breast pump and to provide breastfeeding support and supplies for lactating mothers. (Yea!) Both times I was pregnant, I took advantage of this opportunity and was so happy I did. However, it was not a simple process.

I wish I knew about Areoflow when I was expecting, because they do work. They deal with your insurance. They become the middle man and take the hassle out of it!

So what exactly do they do? Aeroflow Breastpumps makes it easy to get your pump covered for free under your specific insurance plan. They will ensure you receive maximum coverage and reimbursement. Aeroflow provides nursing and pregnant moms access to a user-friendly website that provides all the information and supplies they need for a successful breastfeeding experience, free of hassle.

Awaiting your bundle of joy can be a stressful time, but getting a free breast pump through insurance doesn’t have to be.

How to get a free breast pump through insurance

Aeroflow breastpumps makes the process of getting a breast pump covered through your insurance as easy as possible. Their dedicated and knowledgeable breast pump specialists are there to help you navigate your insurance by taking care of all the paperwork, phone calls and prescription requests so you can take it easy. Their team is available by phone, text or email to answer any questions you have during this exciting time in your life.

Step 1

Fill out Aeroflow’s qualify through insurance form. It asks for a few bits of information such as address, due date and insurance provider.

Step 2

Choose your breast pump. Once you submit the form, your dedicated breast pump specialist will contact you via email and phone to discuss options. Aeroflow offers a huge selection of breast pumps for you to choose from, and their specialists are trained on each and every pump to help you choose the best option for your lifestyle.

How to Get a Free Breast Pump Through Insurance

The Aeroflow Breast Pumps Process

What Aeroflow will do behind the scenes:

  • Contact your physician for a prescription
  • See if certain resupply options are available under your insurance plan
  • Bill and process insurance claims for a breast pump
  • Ship your breast pump to your door, free of charge

Do I Need a Breast Pump?

You might be wondering if you even need a breast pump. In my opinion, everyone should have one to use as an option. It’s free, why not?!?

I was a stay at home mom who exclusively breastfeed so when did I use one? DAILY! I’d pump every morning to save stock in the freezer. I’d then use that milk when I went out on date nights or a small getaway with my husband. It was liberating to know baby didn’t need to be attached to my hip 24/7 because I had breast milk stock in the freezer.

Most commonly, a mom uses a breast pump to return to work and continue to provide breast milk for her baby. A breast pump can support a mom’s breastfeeding goals in a variety of ways. It can help manage engorgement or draw out inverted nipples. Building a supply of expressed milk means your partner can participate in the responsibility and joy of feeding. Plus, if you’re one of the blessed mamas out there who are over-producers, you could always donate your breast milk.

Even if you don’t plan on using a breast pump, it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Your eligibility for a pump might expire on a certain date after your baby arrives (it varies with different insurance carriers) so be sure to do this process asap!

I am happy to share this knowledge with you and hope that your pregnancy, birth and early days with your infant goes smoothly and is filled with joy. If you have any questions, you can absolutely contact me or comment below.

How to Get a Free Breast Pump Through Insurance


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