Modern Day Psalms: Your Power

5 a.m. I deliver a cough drop to a dry, itchy throat upstairs. I crawl back into bed only to be kept awake by the sound of powerful thunderstorm. And then it happens. A muse from above has summoned. Cannot let that opportunity pass by, as my first devotional, The Attitude Antidote, was written the same way.

And so it happened again.

And though this is only a small post, it just may be the beginnings to something bigger. Who knows. All I know is that when the Lord calls, I will listen and do what he says.

“Do whatever he tells you.” John 2:5

Modern Day Psalms

Image by Saudumm via Flickr.

Before the day begins, let me meet with you in the still. In the silence of this still dark morn.

It is in this place I hear you, Spirit.

I am your fingertips, O God. Let me be your writing hand.

I offer you praise with creations full of your light for all to hear.

Modern Day Psalms: Your Power

Your mighty power bolts through the sky with a flash of blinding light.

What follows is a rumbling that envelops every open space.

It begins in a single spot. It soon envelops me, filling my ears.

Your power whips around, quickly encircling me.

There can be no other.

Who else can reign over the sky and permeate the earth in a split second?

Of course, it’s you.

Then, you pour down rain. Life-giving water.

There is no other who can create and provide what we need to live!

It must come from your hands. It does come from your hands.

From gas you create liquid that quenches the earth, quench our thirst and leave me longing for you.

Rain soars from the heavens, with such force.

You give so freely, with such ease.

Because that’s who you are. You are my provider.

When I don’t deserve your gifts, your powerful hands shower me daily.


Because you are Love in every essence of the word.

Your Love is who you are. And it’s who I long to be near.

Even when I don’t know it, it’s you who I am searching for.

The hurt in life can only be filled with an ever-present, you.

Fill me up, Mighty One!

I am open and ready to accept you and your powerful love.

Your Love O Lord, blazes within me. It pervades all my voids. Plugs all my holes.

There is none other than you whom I need more.

Today, tomorrow and forevermore.

Modern Day Psalms

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