Hi! So anyone who knows me well, knows I love to shop. That means I’ve tried a lot of stuff: clothes, kitchen items, food stuffs, beauty products, natural care, supplements…the list goes on. So it is only fitting I started a line up of my favorites for easy reference.

Yes, these links are affiliate links, but the fee Amazon provides me is enough to buy a pack of gum (maybe), so rest assure these items listed are only here because I love to share my knowledge and experience! I will continually update this list to keep you updated on my faves.

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April 2018


Nutrition & Wellness

In my opinion, everyone should be taking prebiotics. Prebiotics, technically, are food for the healthy bacteria in your GI tract (probiotics). This is a powder that I add to my morning juices or smoothies. If gut health is on your radar, this needs to be in your pantry!

Speaking of gut health, this is #2 in my arsenal of healing my gut. This collagen comes from pastured cows and dissolves well in cold smoothies. It adds body to a smoothie without adding any taste, what-so-ever. 


Pregnancy & Baby

I am always trying new probiotics and these are my latest favorite for the kiddos. They taste like candy and also have a bit of Vitamin C and Vitamin D added. Both girls (ages 4 and 1) take these once daily. Twice when they are fighting an illness.


Now that I’ve gone blonde again, the locks need a good deep conditioner. I love the smell, how it detangles and makes my hair feel so soft and healthy.

The wet brush is amazing. But this one has boar hair in with it. One word describes this brush: amazing. Worth every penny.

I will NEVER be without this amazing texture spray. If you are looking for a bit of a lift in your locks, look no further. 



If you microwave anything, these fantastic little guys need a home in your kitchen. Safe to microwave, silicone covers not only save you messes but also help reheat quickly by creating a seal. I have them hanging on the inside of a nearby cupboard. 

I attempt to avoid using plastic bags whenever possible. These silicone food huggers work to keep cut food clean without wasting another ziplock.