The Attitude Antidote Daily Devotional Audio Book

Audio book daily devotions provide a such a quick and easy way to incorporate Jesus into life’s routine, keeping the focus on whats really important. 

Sometimes listening, as opposed to reading, to a soothing voice can speak to your heart in a special way. 

One year after publishing The Attitude Antidote, I felt the nudge of the Spirit to work on an audio book format. Because there are seasons in life where sitting and picking up a book is just not going to happen.

Annnd I know all too well that some people just will not read a book, unless it is in an Audible format!

Get in a Little Jesus Time with a Daily Devotional Audio Book

Get in a Little Jesus Time with a Daily Devotional Audio Book

So I set out in search for the perfect narrator for the book. After a month or so, she popped onto my radar and right away it was apparent Madeleine Starr was the perfect fit. Her demeanor is soft and sweet, yet incredibly powerful at the same time. 

The Attitude Antidote: A Whole Life Overhaul 21-Day Devotional is a life-changing way to begin the day especially when its read to you

It’s so interesting what you can get out of a book by varying the format in which you listen. I’ve found that having something read to you elicits an entirely different response when compared with reading. The Spirit is truly incredible, He can and will speak to your heart through this book in many ways.

Often times, the morning is a little hectic, but taking 8 minutes before the day begins to set your intention can make all the difference. The beautiful thing about audio books is that they are with you wherever you are.

10 Great Times to Get in a Little Jesus Time

  1. Before you even get out of bed in the morning, lay there and listen to the transformative sounds of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Listen while getting ready for the day. It’ll set you up for a day full of patience.
  3. Workout your spiritual self while working out.
  4. Before bed, fix your ears and thoughts on him.
  5. Take a time out and quiet your day.
  6. If you have a moment driving alone, bluetooth is awesome.
  7. Listen together. If you’ve got someone who will sit with you and listen, that’s huge.
  8. Wake up early and listen with a good cup of coffee.
  9. While doing dishes.
  10. Before TV time, sacrifice some leisure time.

The list illustrates the point that anytime can be a good time to incorporate Jesus into your routine.

The Attitude Antidote will help you incorporate love, patience, kindness, self-control and forgiveness into life. For a more detailed synopsis and contents of The Attitude Antidote: A Whole Life Overhaul 21-Day Devotional, you can read more about it here.

I hope you’ll take the plunge and dive into a life changing opportunity with Jesus.

Get in a Little Jesus Time with a Daily Devotional Audio Book

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