The Dangerous Life of a Blogger

Blogging offers such a unique opportunity to those looking to get their voice heard. There are no rules, no one in charge of what is published.

Except there are. There is a hidden governing agency that a blogger tends to abide by – the readers. The danger of being a blogger lies in a volatile mental game that we choose to play. 

If you’re currently struggling with esteem issues related to blogging – I feel you. We all feel you. We’ve all been there. 

The Dangerous Life of a Blogger

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The Dangerous Life of a Blogger

Emotional Volatility 

Creation is so good. Creativity and self-discovery presents us with such grand feelings that it’s quite addicting. You can write from the depths of your soul, empty out your heart and then, feel as if it were all in vein in the blink of an eye. How can something so good shift like the rising tide of a storm and cause such destruction from the same experience that just gave the gift of healing? How can that intense contentment suddenly morph into intense insecurity and panic? It’s because the creation now lies in different hands and we are allowing our worth to come from it.

Once published, the completed project now belongs to the universe and the people living in that universe hold the power if we let them. On the face, those people have ability to make us feel strangely powerful, important, full of life and accomplished with pride. But on the flip side of the coin, they also reserve the power to take all of those life-giving feelings in a split second. 

With a negative word, hurtful tone, trolling attitude, or debate-minded comment, you’re now on the defense. Stress hormones soar throughout your body and in an instant your pounding heart drives your insides into your stomach, making everything around you blur. But it doesn’t even need to be such a dramatic scene. The insecure feelings of worthlessness can slowly bubble with each passing hour, when the views are next to non-existent. In other words, your work doesn’t matter to the universe, to the people who live there. Or it just doesn’t please them how they would like to be pleased. 

But does it have to be like this? I can imagine that this describes the life of the rich and famous. Consistently worried about how Hollywood and the people will accept their latest creation, whether it be movies, art, music…. We have all heard that some of the extremely famous won’t read or listen about themselves in the media because it’s such a toxic culture. 

So as a blogger, do we just not look at our page views, our social shares, our engagements? It’s a fine line I feel we need to walk in hopes to get healthy data and feedback from our work without letting it effect us as people. Much easier said than done.

The volatility of emotions have definitely drawn me in and out of the blogging world. I’ve found mental breaks from the game are needed. 

And then comes the second danger in the life of a blogger: the comparison game.

The Dangerous Life of a Blogger

Image by khumana via Flickr.


Blogging is not an independent activity. If you want to get your work out to the world, interacting with others who blog is critical. Being on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets is also critical in promoting the creation. But science shows us it’s impossible to be on social media and not begin to do what the rest of the world does on a personal level: compare.

Don’t be fooled, comparison is a thief that comes to steal our joy. It snatches away contentment and leaves us feeling empty, worthless, aimless and lost. It’s addicting. Social media has amplified this temptation and shoves it in our faces on a daily basis. Showing only the “perfect” parts of people’s lives. It’s impossible not to compare subconsciously. Studies show more time spent on the internet is linked with a decrease in happiness. Here, social media use predicted low mood. 

Comparing ourselves to others is dangerous to our souls and psyches. When we begin to compare ourselves to other’s beauty, looks, clothing, home, car, family, job, status, and accomplishments we whittle away the one thing that makes life worth living: gratitude and thankfulness. 

The focus shifts from what we have to what we do not have. And that’s recipe for unhappiness, discontentment and dissatisfaction. Yet our work forces us to reside in such pollution, often times for hours. We get sucked into seeing the greatness of others without the balance of their struggle.

Where Our Worth Comes From

So what do we do? I’m certainly not claiming to know the secret to this struggle. I am quite eager to see how the social media bubble pans out with as much destruction as it reeks on us as a people, especially our youth.

But what I do feel strongly about is knowing where our worth does come from.

We are fully loved by our creator and He has blessed us each specifically with special talents and gifts. When we compare ourselves to one another, we are ignoring our own blessings right in front of our own eyes. Comparison is another word for wishing that I had that instead of what I have. Classic grass is greener scenario.

It also shows God that we truly aren’t thankful for what He has gifted. I know I want to display my gratitude and thankfulness for every talent and blessing, so my plan is to keep fostering and growing my own capabilities and try to let go of the opinion’s of others. 

Fertilize, water and pray over your own grass. Complement others on how beautiful their grass is. And be overly joyful that you have your own grass to grow.

Your Best

Another key to personal success and contentment, I often preach to my family, is to do the absolute best you can do, in all you do. Then there is no need to worry. If you put forth all your efforts, you can be comforted in the fact that you did your best. Sometimes your best is enough and sometimes, it just isn’t in the cards. Regardless, we can take comfort in the fact that we did all we could do.


If you’re currently struggling with esteem issues related to blogging – I feel you. We all feel you. We’ve all been there. Hoping this article helped boost your mood in some sort of way.

Remember, you are loved and you are awesome. 

The Dangerous Life of a Blogger

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